Author Cherith Baldry
Illustrator Wayne McLoughlin
Publication date 22 April 2008
ISBN 9780060892081
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Dark River
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Outcast is the third book of the Power of Three series.

The Blurb

A secret prophecy shapes the lives of Firestar's grandchildren, but only one of the three knows about it. Jaypaw is captivated by the power it promises, and he believes the key to that power may lie buried in the distant past – with the ancient cats who once walked these woods and now prowl through his dreams. His search for answers leads him toward the mountains – the home of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Lionpaw and Hollypaw feel drawn to the mountains too, for different reasons. But the mountains hide secrets as well as answers, and if the three cats find a way to get there, they may discover more than they ever expected.