Moth Flight's Vision

We Will Split The Sky
Prophecy: "We will split the sky. And later, stars will rise."

Sign: Message from StarClan to Moth Flight

Interpreter: Moth Flight

Definition: StarClan sends a bolt of lightning across the sky during a Gathering to show that Moth Flight is telling the truth about medicine cats. The stars that rose were the leaders receiving their nine lives.

Tallstar's Revenge

There Will Be A Warrior Whose Loyalty To WindClan Will Waver
Prophecy: "There will be a warrior whose loyalty to WindClan will waver. A cat who will have to seek far beyond the confines of your territory to discover where his heart truly lies."

Sign: Message from Mothflight

Interpreter: Heatherstar

Meaning: Tallstar leaves WindClan when he is a young warrior to find Sparrow and get his revenge. He then leaves to discover where he truly belongs.

Yellowfang's Secret

A Terrible Force Is Coming
Prophecy: "A poison will spring from the heart of ShadowClan, and spread to the other Clans. A storm of blood and fire will sweep the forest."

Sign: Message from Molepelt

Interpreter: Featherpaw

Meaning: Yellowfang, a future ShadowClan medicine cat, becomes mates with Raggedstar and gives birth to Brokenstar, who nearly destroys the Clans, and trains kits below six moons.

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