"Well, Mousefur used to like watchin' the sun go down over the lake. She said it looked like the water was on fire. So I was goin' to bury her where she'd still get a good view. P'raps over there. I know she's not really here, but it feels like the right place for her."

—Purdy deciding where he wants to bury Mousefur Dovewing's Silence, Chapter 2


ThunderClan, Kittypet (formerly) and Loner (formerly)
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Purdy is a mottled,[1] dark[2] brown[1] tabby[3] tom[4] with a gray muzzle,[5] ragged ears,[6] rumpled,[4] matted fur,[7] and rheumy[8] amber eyes.[9]

Loner / Kittypet

Purdy was a brown tom that Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Stormfur, Feathertail, and Crowpaw found while traveling to meet Midnight in the New Prophecy Midnight. In the book, his fur was matted, dirty and brown.

He is referred to a loner, like Barley or Ravenpaw. He lives in Twolegplace near the sun-drown place. He knew that the Tribe of Rushing Water lived in the mountains, but when he tried to warn the cats, Midnight stopped him. He eats kitty-pet food and doesn't have a home, he sleeps where ever he can.

In Sunrise, a patrol sets out to find Sol, (Brambleclaw, Birchfall, Hazeltail, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze) because they are convinced that he killed Ashfur. If only did they know that actually Hollyleaf killed Ashfur, not Sol. Anyway, when they meet Jingo and Hussar in Twolegplace, Jingo led them to Purdy's den. Sol had been sheltering with the old loner.

Brambleclaw and his patrol then said that they had to take Sol back to ThunderClan. Purdy said that Sol would hurt no one and that he was a decent cat.


Purdy then joined the elders' den. He is known for telling long stories and annoying Longtail and Mousefur. Jayfeather is also annoyed by his stories, but thankful for him for comforting Mousefur when Longtail died. He is still an elder today.

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