"Sootfur was our brother, she will want to hear it from me."

— Rainwhisker to Firestar about Sorreltail, after their brother's death in Sunset, page 22


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Previous Name(s)
Rainkit and Rainpaw

Rainwhisker is a dark gray tom with blue eyes.[1]


He had two litter-mates named Sorrelkit and Sootkit. His parents were Whitestorm and Willowpelt. Whitestorm died not too long after they were born. He had to witness his sister that almost died eating deathberries. He finally became an apprentice.


His mentor was Cloudtail, his name was now Rainpaw. Cloudtail said he was a great apprentice. But soon after his mother died after a badger attack they all realized that both of their parents were dead. He grew up with his litter-mates and he made the great journey. He was named Rainwhisker when he became a warrior.


He carried on the normal life of a warrior. Then there was a badger attack. His brother Sootfur had broken his hind legs and was blinded. He tried to get up a wall with Squirrelflight encouraging him, but he fell and died. Rainwhisker was brave and fought back the badgers, and after the badgers left, he saw Sootfur's dead body. He sadly told his sister, who was nursing kits. He had dislocated his hind leg, but it healed. When he was hunting one day, A branch struck on his head, murdering him.


References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Firestar's Quest

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