"I'll fetch help! Stay on this side of the river until I get back."

—Reedshine when Splashheart spots ThunderClan intruders Code of the Clans, page 32

Reedshine (CotC)

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Reedshine is a dark orange she-cat[1] with soft fur.[2]


She and her former apprentice, Splashheart share prey near Sunningrocks, they spot ThunderClan patrol. She warns him to be careful and to stay on this side of the river. She rushes back to the camp for help. In the battle she is seen holding down another warrior in a paw-lock, hissing a warning into his face. She is also seen leaping through thec air, hurtling into the tom who had pinned Splashheart down. She is wounded badly by another ThunderClan cat, who starts pummeling her belly with his forepaws. Splashheart spots the RiverClan leader, Darkstar carrying her down the slope, as she is bleeding badly and her eyes are half-closed.


  • Vicky thinks she died from her wounds.
  • Vicky also thinks Reedshine and this cat are the same.

References and Citations

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  2. Revealed in Code of the Clans, page 33

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