Return to the Clans
Return to the Clans
Author Dan Jolley
Illustrator Don Hudson
Publication date 9 June 2009
ISBN 0061547948
Publication Order
Preceded by
Escape from the Forest
Followed by
Firestar's Quest

Return to the Clans is the last book of the Tigerstar and Sasha series.

The Blurb

Sasha has gone back to the forest to raise her kits, Moth, Hawk, and Tadpole. She thinks she's a safe distance from ShadowClan's prying eyes, but Tigerstar still haunts her dreams, and Sasha fears that he will soon discover the existence of his kits. As leaf-bare stretches on, and Sasha finds it harder to feed, she wonders if her kits might be better off as warriors, with a Clan to protect and train them. But where does Sasha belong?

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