"Hardly the actions of a coward, attacking all four Clans at once!"

—Ripplestar claiming he isn't a coward by his actions in Code of the Clans, page 96


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Ripplestar is a black-and-orange tom with yellow eyes.[1]


Before the full moon truce is installed into the Warrior Code, Ripplestar leads his Clan on a surprise attack against the other four Clans at the Gathering. While the other leaders jump off the rock to help their Clanmates, he pounces on the unsuspecting ThunderClan leader, Finchstar, on top of the Great Rock, ignoring the tom's claims that his attack was wrong. He shows Finchstar how the other Clans have been wounded, and that he had the freedom to do so.

Dark Forest

When StarClan sends clouds and lightning to cover the moon to show their anger of ShadowClan attacking, Ripplestar is knocked from the Great Rock by the force of the lightning and loses his final life. His death leads Finchstar to declare the tenth law of the Warrior Code: the full moon is a sacred time, and there shall be no fighting whatsoever during that time.


  • Vicky thinks that Ripplestar resides in the Dark Forest.[2]
    • This is later confirmed.[3]

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