"The sun and earth have protected me all my life. Just like the river has taken care of me, over and over again. It gave me a soft landing when I fell from the wall. It carried me away from the danger that was destroying the Park. It saved me from those fierce creatures, it fed me, and now it has brought me to what could be a wonderful new home. Maybe it will help me to get to the bank, if I can just trust it."

—River's thoughts on the river in Thunder Rising, page 22 (Bonus Scene)

River Ripple

RiverClan, Rogue (formerly), Cats of the Park (formerly), River Ripple's Camp (formerly), Loner (formerly)
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Previous Name(s)
Ripple, River Ripple, River

Riverstar is a sleek[1] and silk-furred,[2] silver-gray tom[3] with rippling stripes, long, thick,[4] soft belly fur,[5] and bright[3] green eyes.[6]


Riverstar was the founder of RiverClan. He worked along with the other Clan leaders to form the Warrior Code.

Cat of the Park

Riverstar was first called Ripple and lived in a park. The park was destroyed and he had lost sight of his mentor, the river carried him down into the forest. When a cat asks for his name, he answers, 'River, River Ripple'.


  • When he was born at the Park, Riverstar was named Ripple for the movement of the river water.[7]
  • Kate has expressed an interest in writing more about Riverstar, saying "there's something mysterious and secretive and he’s a lovely character."[8]
  • In an Erin Hunter Chat, Vicky revealed that Thunder, Shadow, River, Sky, and Wind did not take "-star" on the end of their names, because the tradition had not yet been established in their time.[9]
    • This, however, contradicts information in Secrets of the Clans, which shows the founders of the Clans to have the "-star" suffix.[10] Although this information is supported by Moth Flight's Vision, which shows that all leaders did in fact take "-star" as the suffix of their name.[11]
  • Despite being listed as a leader of his own group in The Blazing Star,[12] he calls himself a loner in the same book.[13]
  • Kate imagines Riverstar as pale gray with some mottling on his fur. However, she thinks Cherith may imagine him differently.[14]

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