"Our Clanmates aren't mouse-brained. They respected you as their deputy, and they'll respect you as our leader. And they'll respect Mothpelt as a warrior."

—Robinwing to Maplewhisker Code of the Clans, page 82

Robinwing (SC)

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Robinwing is a short furred light brown[1] tom[2] with green eyes.[3]


He witnesses his leader, Beechstar's death after he is fatally wounded in a battle with RiverClan. When the old leader appoints his son Mothpelt as his successor shortly before he dies, Robinwing expresses his doubts about Mothpelt's leadership. He shares some of his doubts with Maplewhisker, the SkyClan deputy, saying he doesn't agree with Beechstar's decision. Both Robinwing and Maplewhisker recall how Mothpelt struggled to manage his apprentices, and worry about his capability to lead.

Later, as SkyClan prepares for battle with RiverClan, Robinwing worries about the height of the river, as it had been raining that day. Nevertheless, he follows his Clan to the river, helping his apprentice, Rubblepaw, along the way. When he gets there, Robinwing is horrified at the size of the river; it has flooded.

When Mothpelt continues the attack, Robinwing leaps at him and pulls him to the ground. Robinwing tells Mothpelt that they cannot cross, and that cats will die in the floodwaters. Mothpelt calls him a RiverClan traitor, and does not listen to him. Robinwing is forced to watch helplessly as over half the Clan follow Mothpelt into the raging river.

Robinwing is very proud of Maplewhisker's idea that one cat will help a Clanmate and have two cats in a chain behind them to rescue them from the river. He teams up with Spiderpelt and Rubblepaw. He pulls his Clanmate, Squirrelfur, from the river, as well as one other unnamed warrior and two apprentices.

After that, Maplewhisker tells him to rest, but Robinwing insists he had to help Mothpelt first. Robinwing tells Maplewhisker that she must become leader, saying cats respect her as the deputy, and that they will respect her as a leader.

As Robinwing goes into the river to get Mothpelt, he tells himself that he will suggest a new addition to the warrior code: the deputies become leader after the older one dies, as they are the cats best used to leadership and dealing with rival Clans.

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