"ShadowClan can deal with fox traps, thanks. We've seen a couple of them in our territory, but we have the sense to stay clear of them."

—Russetfur growling at Stormfur Sunset, page 118

Russetfur guide

Highest Rank
Half-siblings are Raggedkit and Scorchkit
No information
No information
Fernshade and Featherstorm
Previous Name(s)
Red and Russetpaw

Russetfur is a dark ginger[1] tabby[2] she-cat[1] with dark green eyes[3] and sharp, yellow teeth.[4]


She is first seen as Red, a young kittypet, who spends time with Pixie and Marmalade, two other cats living in Twolegplace.

When Yellowpaw and Raggedpelt come to inquire about Featherstorm and her possible mate, Red is one of the cats who, along with Pixie, escorts them to see a she-cat called Jay, an elderly but extremely snappy kittypet. After they ask their questions, she, Pixie, and Marmalade attempt to escort them out of their territory, but the two ShadowClan cats flee before they can catch them.


Red and Boulder then arrive on ShadowClan territory, wanting to join the Clan, as they were impressed by the way ShadowClan fought, but showed them mercy. Cedarstar agrees to give them a trial of sorts and lets them stay in ShadowClan for a moon, giving Red the new name of Russetpaw. Boulder refuses to be given a new Clan name.

The Twolegplace cats, led by Marmalade, come to bring Russetpaw and Boulder back to the Twolegplace, thinking that they're with ShadowClan against their will. They then have a battle. When Raggedpelt kills Hal, Russetpaw is distraught and is seen lying on Hal's body. When Yellowfang calms her down, Russetpaw reveals that Hal was her father, confirming Russetpaw as Raggedpelt's half sister.

Russetpaw and Boulder tell Marmalade that they came to ShadowClan on their own accord, and Marmalade and the Twolegplace cats leave. Pixie is upset and tells Russetpaw that they are always welcomed back. Russetpaw and Boulder tell her thank you, but they now train as apprentices to become warriors.

Raggedpelt does not trust Russetpaw or Boulder, he is afraid that they will tell Cedarstar about the time when he visited Twolegplace. Yellowfang makes them promise not to tell, and they stand faithful to their word.


Russetpaw and Boulder are later made warriors, Russetpaw receiving the name Russetfur. As a warrior, Russetfur shows much enthusiasm for being a Clan cat, and never looks back to her kittypet roots. She frequently participates in normal Clan duties without hesitation.


Later when Ivypaw was asked by Hawkfrost to tempt Firestar to fight Blackstar and Firestar agrees, Russetfur is the reason Firestar lost two lives and when she attemped to kill Firestar a second time Lionblaze pushed her and accidentally killed her. Some believe the she was too old for the battle but Russetfur died a true warrior's death. She also never realized that Raggedstar was her half brother.











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