"No warrior wants to die. Especially in a battle that should not have happened."

—Sagewhisker to Yellowfang in Night Whispers, page 2

Sagewhisker guide

Highest Rank
Medicine Cat
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Previous Name(s)

Sagewhisker is a snowy[1]-white she-cat with long whiskers,[2] clear blue eyes,[3] and a graying muzzle.[4]

Medicine Cat

She trained Yellowpaw to be a true medicine cat. She insisted that Yellowpaw should be a medicine cat because Yellowpaw could feel other cat's pains.

She knew that Yellowpaw was not going to give up being a warrior so fast so she waited. Then, Yellowfang decided to be a medicine cat her mission of finding an apprentice was complete. She later, dies from a heart attack and goes to StarClan.

References and Citations

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