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"I must have ice in my veins to do what I just did. I expect the ice to melt...But it doesn't. It just gets colder and colder...And I welcome it."

—Scourge The Rise of Scourge, page 71


BloodClan, Kittypet (formerly) and Rogue (formerly)
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Previous Name(s)
Known for
BloodClan's leader and Tigerstar's slayer

Scourge is a black tom with one white paw,[1], pale icy-blue eyes[2] and a torn left ear.[3] He is known for wearing a collar studded with teeth from dogs and cats[4] and claws reinforced with dogs' teeth.[5]

Kittypet Edit

His mother was Quince and his father was Jake. He had two litter-mates named Socks and Ruby. They picked on him often and wouldn't play with him. His mother Quince would tell them to stop though Ruby and Socks were still terrible to him. One day, tired of being made fun of, Tiny explored the forest and ran into Tigerpaw, Bluefur and Thistleclaw. Tigerpaw attacked him and almost killed him, but Bluefur stopped him.

Tiny ran away back to his twoleg house. Ruby and Socks told him that kittens who don't get a human get thrown into the river. Tiny got scared after the humans didn't seem to like him and he worried that he would get thrown into the river.

Rogue Edit

Tiny ran away and became a rogue because his sister said that if he didn't get adopted he'll be thrown in the river. Tiny fled to the city where he met a gang of alley cats. They made fun of his collar so he tried to remove it with a dog's tooth. He got it stuck in his collar and was unable to remove it.

A few cats asked him how he got it, and he said he killed a dog and took it. A black-and-white tom (Bone) came to ask him to get rid of a dog that was guarding all the food.

Tiny decided to help but got scared when he saw the size of the dog. When he went to attack it, the dog saw his shadow and ran away.

Tiny then looked like he scared the dog away and Bone and other cats followed him to become BloodClan.

Leader Edit

He formed BloodClan and became the leader. He called himself Scourge because his mother told him that the wild cats of the forest were the scourge of all cats.

Tigerstar, the leader of ShadowClan came to BloodClan to tell Scourge he has other enemies in the forest and will offer a portion of his clan to him.

When he agreed he was lead to the forest where he met Firestar and told him everything about Tigerstar and how his plan failed with the dogs. Scourge says that he knew of Tigerstar's plan with the dog rampage, although he didn't know it had failed. Tigerstar says that it does not matter and Scourge will still get his part of the land, Scourge is unconvinced and refuses to battle. Tigerstar is furious and attacks Scourge.

Tigerstar's death was by Scourge's dog teeth claws and was so terrible that his nine lives were gone in one blow.

Firestar told him he could hunt in the forest before he returned to twolegplace, Scourge refused and Firestar told him he had three days to decide to leave or to fight. Three days later, Scourge was ready to battle with Firestar.

Thanks to the power of StarClan and nine lives, Firestar returned from the dead and killed Scourge, BloodClan left with no leader or deputy, was no more.


Mother: Quince

Father: Jake

Brother: Socks

Sister: Ruby

Half-Brother: Firestar

Half-Sister: Princess

Half-Nieces: Leafpool and Squirrelflight

Half-Nephew: Cloudtail

Half-Nephews/Nieces: Four unnamed kits

Half-Grandnephews: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dewnose, Snowbush and Alderpaw

Half-Grandnieces: Hollyleaf, Ambermoon, Whitewing and Sparkpaw

Half-Great Grandnieces: Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Dovewing, Ivypool, Leafkit and Honeykit

Half-Great Grandnephews: Fernsong and Larkkit

Half-Grandnieces/Grandnephews: Two unnamed kits

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