"Few are welcome here, in our world of secrets and darkness. We are a Clan of cunning and cleverness, a Clan well suited to the shadows of the cold north wind. No other Clan can walk the paths of night like we do. Other Clans may be faster or stronger, but we are the most dangerous warriors: fierce, proud, and independent. We are ruthlessly willing to do what it takes to protect our great Clan. There won't be any softhearted alliances here! ShadowClan will always be the dark heart of the forest."

— Blackstar about ShadowClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 55

ShadowClan Symbol

Lakestorm, Sunnytail, Brightwhisker, Marshscar, Snaketail, Cedarpelt, Stonetooth, Raggedpelt, Foxheart, Cloudpelt, Brokentail, Blackfoot, Runningnose (temporarily), Russetfur, Rowanclaw, Crowfrost, Tigerheart
Medicine Cats
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Current Deputy
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Current Medicine Cat
Tawnypelt, Stonewing, Scorchfur, Berryheart, Cloverfoot, Rippletail, Sparrowtail, Juniperclaw, Strikestone, Grassheart
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ShadowClan was formed when the other four Clans formed in the beginning of the Clans. ShadowClan is often seen as the bad cats in the Warriors series but in fact their characteristics make them naturally aggressive. These cats are ambitious and cunning like all the cats of the forest.

They just have less prey in their territory and many mouths to feed. ShadowClan fell on hard times after the death of Raggedstar. Now the Clan has gotten back on their feet with Blackstar.


The first leader was a cat named Shadowstar. The second known leader is Hollystar. Not much is known about her, only that she agreed with Duststar's suggestion of the first law of the warrior code. The third known leader is Brindlestar, her only known deputy is Lakestorm. Brindlestar gets into a fight with Whitestar from ThunderClan. The fourth known leader is Lilystar, her only known deputy is Sunnytail. Lilystar is the one who introduces law four of the warrior code. Blizzardstar is the fifth known leader. When Hazelstar from WindClan removes his youngest cats from the battle Blizzardstar does the same. The sixth known leader is Snowstar. His deputy was Brightwhisker. He dies from greencough. During the night Brightwhisker also dies. In the morning two warriors, Jumpfoot and Mossfire want to become the new leader. They get into a fight and kill each other. Mossfire's sister, Flowerstem becomes the leader and gains the name Flowerstar. The tenth known leader is Ripplestar. His deputy is Marshscar. Ripplestar attacks the Clans during a gathering and dies when he is fighting Finchstar from ThunderClan. Marshscar calls Finchstar a murderer, but Finchstar says that StarClan killed Ripplestar. Marshscar becomes ShadowClan's leader. The twelfth known leader is Yellowstar. The thirteenth leader is Sedgestar. The fourteenth leader is Dawnstar. She was ShadowClan's leader when SkyClan was exiled. Her deputy was Snaketail. Houndstar is the fifthteenth known leader. His deputy was Cedarpelt. He is succed by Cedarpelt, now Cedarstar. Cedarstar was leader when Bluekit was born. He was succeed by Raggedpelt who took leadership before Rusty joined ThunderClan. He mated with the medicine cat, who was Yellowfang, which is against the warrior code. His son Brokentail murdered him and succeeded him. Brokenstar was the first of ShadowClan's troubles.

He took kits too young to train and blamed their deaths on others, and raided other Clan's territories. He was finally driven out by his Clan. Nightpelt took leadership but he was an old cat already and didn't live long after he became leader, because he had never been granted nine lives because Brokenstar was still alive. He died of a unknown sickness. After he died, Tigerclaw took leadership.

ShadowClan formed an alliance with RiverClan and made TigerClan, with Leopardstar as his deputy. After Tigerstar was killed by Scourge, Blackfoot took power and has brought the Clan back to their former glory. He made Russetfur his deputy. In a battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan Russetfur was killed by Lionblaze. After Russetfur's death Rowanclaw became ShadowClan's deputy. Blackstar later drowned, and Rowanclaw became leader, gaining the name Rowanstar, and his deputy was Crowfrost.


Lakestorm is the first known deputy. She lived under the leadership of Brindlestar. Sunnytail served ShadowClan as deputy when Lilystar was the leader. Brightwhisker was Snowstar's deputy. Sadly she dies right after Snowstar. She didn't name a deputy before she died and this led to Jumpfoot's and Mossfire's deaths. Snaketail was Dawnstar's deputy, nothing more is known about him. Cedarpelt was ShadowClan deputy when Goosekit was born. Cedarstar's deputy was Stonetooth however he retired to the elders den. After Stonetooth, Raggedpelt became ShadowClan's deputy. Raggedstar's first deputy was a she-cat named Foxheart. She was a arrogant cat and everyone thought she was the real mother of Brokentail, although Yellowfang was his mother but unable to mother him, being a Medicine Cat.

After she died Cloudpelt took over as deputy but he too died and Brokentail succeed him. Blackfoot became deputy, but was chased out with Brokenstar. Cinderfur took over as deputy under Nightstar. However, he died of a unknown sickness. When Tigerclaw took power, Blackfoot became deputy again.

When Blackfoot became Blackstar he named Russetfur as deputy. She died in the battle of ShadowClan and ThunderClan over a small stretch of territory. She is succeeded by Rowanclaw. He later becomes leader and chooses Crowfrost as his deputy.

Medicine Cats

Pebbleheart was the first medicine cat. He is Turtle Tail's and Tom's son, making him the brother of the second ThunderClan leader, Owlstar and Sparrow Fur. He was a selfless, caring cat very unlike her clanmates. His apprentice and successors are unknown. Redscar was ShadowClan's medicine cat during Snowstar's, Brightwhisker's and Flowerstar's leadership. He made a fake sign, because of the sign, Flowerstem became Flowerstar. Mossheart is the thirth known ShadowClan medicine cat. Molepelt is the fourth known ShadowClan medicine cat. His apprentice was Hollowbelly, but he becomes a warrior. Redthistle is Sagewhisker's mentor and also was ShadowClan's medicine cat when Goosekit was born. Sagewhisker was the medicine cat when Bluekit was born. Her apprentice was Yellowfang. Sagewhisker was succeed by Yellowfang. She was the ShadowClan medicine cat but she was driven out by her son, Brokenstar. She became ThunderClan's medicine cat. Her apprentice, Runningpaw, became a medicine cat.

He was the medicine cat for some years then he retired and became an elder. His apprentice, Littlecloud, took over as the medicine cat. Littlecloud's apprentice was Flametail but sadly drowned while playing on ice that frosted over the lake. Jayfeather tried to save him, but could not. He was accused of murdering him, but did not.

Current ShadowClan Members

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