Shattered Peace
Shattered Peace
Author Dan Jolley
Illustrator James L. Barry
Publication date 24 November 2009
ISBN 9780061688652
Publication Order
Preceded by
Firestar's Quest
Followed by
A Clan in Need

Shattered Peace is the first book of the Ravenpaw's Path series.

The Blurb

Ravenpaw has settled into life on the farm, away from the forest and Tigerstar's evil eye. He knows that leaving the warrior Clans was the right choice, and he appreciates his quiet days and peaceful nights with his best friend, Barley. But when five rogue cats from Twolegplace come to the barn seeking shelter, Ravenpaw's new life is threatened. He and Barley must try to find a way to overpower the rogues-before they lose their home for good.

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