"Don't make me do this, brother. All I want is for every cat to be safe. To have borders protect us and make sure we have prey."

—Clear Sky in The First Battle, page 270

Clear sky

SkyClan, Clear Sky's Camp (formerly), Ancient Tribe (formerly), Rogue (formerly)
Highest Rank
Quiet Rain, unnamed tom
Bright Stream (formerly), Storm (formerly), Star Flower
Thunder, Tiny Branch, Dew Petal, Flower Foot
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
Sky, Clear Sky

Skystar is a thick-furred,[1] light gray tom[2] with brilliant[3] ice[4]-blue eyes[2] and a torn ear.[5]


  • In an Erin Hunter Chat, Vicky revealed that Sky, Thunder, Shadow, River, and Wind did not take "-star" on the end of their names, because the tradition had not yet been established in their time.[6]
    • This, however, contradicts information in Secrets of the Clans, which shows the founders of the Clans to have the "-star" suffix.[7] However, Sky is never mentioned in Secrets of the Clans, and has never been named with the -star suffix.
    • This is proven to be true, however, as at the end of Moth Flight's Vision, all leaders do take "-star" at the end of their names.[8]
  • Vicky has confirmed that Clear Sky and Sky are one and the same.[9]
  • It is mentioned in Cloudstar's Journey that Skystar was leader of SkyClan when borders began to be marked. However, in Code of the Clans, Rowanstar is the leader to propose the idea of marking and patrolling borders, and the idea is first proposed by Poppycloud.[10]
  • Skystar is Quiet Rain's firstborn.[11]
  • Kate stated that she paired up Skystar and Star Flower because they were a "perfect match".[12]
  • Kate thinks he deserved to get berated by Quiet Rain.[13]
  • Kate stated that she didn't like Skystar and found him "wrong-headed and arrogant" but she stated that she didn't really think he was bad.[14]
  • Kate believes that he did end up adopting Honey Pelt as his son.[15]
  • Skystar will choose Star Flower over all of his mates in StarClan.[16]




Bright Stream (formerly)
Storm (formerly)
Star Flower


Quiet Rain


Jagged Peak
Gray Wing


Fluttering Bird


Two unnamed kits


Tiny Branch


Flower Foot
Dew Petal


Unnamed kits


Dew Nose


Eagle Feather
Storm Pelt

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