"Do you think we'd hurt one hair on their pelts? Kits are the most special part of a Clan. They are the warriors who will defend their Clanmates in moons to come, the hunters who will find food even in the coldest leaf-bare, the cats who will have kits of their own to pass on everything they have learned. A Clan that has no kits might as well be dead."

— Smallstar in Code of the Clans, page 116


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Smallstar is a black-and-white tom with blue eyes.[1]


Smallkit along with his siblings, Wolfkit and Runningkit are seen hanging from the edge of the gorge in the RiverClan territory, about to fall into the river.

A patrol of RiverClan cats, Graywing, Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker see the kits from their territory. Brindleclaw tries to save them, but is stopped by Foxwhisker and Graywing. The gray she-cat says that the fall probably killed the kits, but then a tiny paw popping out of the water and a squeak tells the RiverClan cats that the kits are still alive. Brindleclaw tries to save them again, but Graywing still tells Brindleclaw that she cant risk her life to save kits from another clan, and stops her from saving the kits once more.


Graywing is visited in her dreams by the kits that have died, but they are much older. Smallstar is introduced to Graywing by Runningstorm and Wolfheart. He is said to have friendly eyes. He tells Graywing that they are the cats those kits would have become and she realizes that Smallstar would have been the leader of WindClan one day. When the StarClan cats walk into the nursery Graywing fears they will punish RiverClan by hurting the youngest members of the Clan. Smallstar is surprised that she thought of it, and reminds Graywing that the kits are special part of the Clan. He makes her realize that letting those kits drown was wrong. She apologizes, and the StarClan cats fade away.


  • Vicky has revealed that Smallstar, Wolfheart and Runningstorm were considered a special case when they were given new names in StarClan, and that most kits do not go through this change when they die.







References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Code of the Clans, page 118

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