"We listen because Sol talks sense. He knows what to do to give ShadowClan a better life for the future. Maybe if ThunderClan listened they would be able to fight their own battles. Maybe that's why the sun vanished, to tell us that the time of the Clans is over, and cats have to work out how to live on their own."

— Snaketail in Long Shadows, page 16

Snaketail (P3)

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Applekit, Marshkit, Toadkit, Smokekit
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Snaketail is a dark brown tom with a tabby-striped tail,[1] a gray-flecked chin[2] and amber eyes.[3]


Snaketail and his apprentice, Scorchpaw, help Hollypaw fight off a RiverClan tom during the battle against WindClan and RiverClan.

Snaketail is in the ShadowClan camp when Russetfur and her patrol bringing Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Sol back to the camp to speak to Blackstar. Snaketail is seen sitting with Scorchpaw, and they both stop eating a mouse to stare at Sol in shock.

Snaketail goes on a patrol with Ivytail and Scorchpaw when Hazeltail chases a squirrel near the ShadowClan border. Snaketail retorts that it's typical of ThunderClan to think every Clan is their friend. The ShadowClan patrol shows hostility toward Hazeltail and Hollyleaf. Brambleclaw, Birchfall, and Sandstorm show up and Snaketail explains what has happened to them.

Later, Snaketail shows his support for Sol by saying that Sol knows how to make a better future for ShadowClan and that ThunderClan shouldn't be so cowardly. Birchfall is enraged by this and attacks Snaketail. Scorchpaw and Hazeltail jump into the fray and Hollyleaf screeches at them to stop fighting. The fighting ends and the two patrols part ways.


In The Fourth Apprentice, he retires to the elders' den.

Snaketail is seen grieving for Russetfur along with Tallpoppy, Whitewater, and Cedarheart.

Snaketail is seen when ShadowClan's camp has been overrun being attacked by Dark Forest cats. Lionblaze is shocked to see him fighting because he's an elder but doesn't want to get distracted by skirmishes and carries on to help Blackstar. Smokefoot calls to his Clanmates saying that he needs help.


Father: Blackstar

Mother: Tallpoppy

Brothers: Smokefoot, Marshkit, Toadfoot

Sister: Applefur

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