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"Firestar and I never discovered what we might have meant to each other. I was alive in the forest for such a short time after he came to ThunderClan. But I know for sure that he and I could never have been mates. I was and always will be a medicine cat. That comes first, more than any cat that walks the forest, more even than Firestar."

—Spottedleaf to Sandstorm on Firestar Firestar's Quest, page 401

Spottedleaf guide

Highest Rank
Medicine Cat
No information
No information
Thrushpelt (formerly) and Featherwhisker
No information
Previous Name(s)
Spottedpaw and Spottedkit
Known for
Medicine Cat when Rusty came to the forest and for giving many prophecies and signs

Spottedleaf is A dappled orange-and-brown dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with white patches on her coat, white paws, chest and muzzle. She has A black-gold-and-brown tabby tail. She has A mottled face with A pink nose and pale, clear amber eyes.


Spottedkit was born in ThunderClan. Her mother was Swiftbreeze and her father was Adderfang. Her litter-mates were her brother Redkit and her one sister Willowkit. She is the younger sister of Patchpelt and Leopardfoot, who were born in her mother's first litter.


She became an apprentice named Spottedpaw. Her mentor was Thrushpelt. Spottedpaw trains as a warrior but is always seen playing with herbs and helping Featherwhisker out. When Goosefeather becomes an elder, Spottedpaw asked Sunstar to make her Featherwhisker's apprentice. He agrees, and Spottedleaf becomes the medicine cat apprentice.

Medicine CatEdit

Spottedpaw became a medicine cat known as Spottedleaf when Featherwhisker died of Greencough. While talking to Bluestar after a battle one night, Spottedleaf is receives a message from StarClan, saying that Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan. Spottedleaf is unsure what it means. Later, a kittypet named Rusty joins the clan. Spottedleaf thinks that he is the fire that can save the clan, and tells him about the prophecy, though he is confused.

Later, ShadowClan attacks ThunderClan. Spottedleaf tries to stop Clawface from stealing Frostfur's kits but is sadly killed by Clawface. Yellowfang became the medicine cat after her.


She is known for giving Fireheart and Firestar some warnings and achivements, she also gave Fireheart one of his nine lives, the gift of love. She also helps Leafpool find the Moonpool when the clans reached their new homes. Also, she told Jayfeather about his destiny. Sadly, during the The Last Hope, Spottedleaf is killed by Mapleshade and is never seen again. She stopped existing after that.


Mother: Swiftbreeze


Sisters: Willowpelt and Leopardfoot

Brothers: Patchpelt and Redtail


  • Spottedleaf was killed so Firestar didn't have to chose between her and Sandstorm.



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