Star Flower

"It’s early to be heading home. You’re going to miss a spectacular sunset. Besides, there’s still enough light for me to show you a few killer hunting moves...if you’re not too proud to learn."

—Star Flower as Thunder is about to leave with Lightning Tail in The Blazing Star, page 161

Star Flower

SkyClan, Clear Sky's Camp (formerly), Rogue (formerly), Loner (formerly)
Highest Rank
Early Settler
One Eye and an unnamed she-cat
Unnamed kits
Flower Foot, Dew Petal and Tiny Branch
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
No information

Star Flower is a soft,[1] thick,[2] and glossy-furred,[3] golden tabby she-cat[4] with a pure white chest and paws,[2] a plumy tail,[5] and luminous,[6] emerald[7]-green eyes[6] that have starlike pupils.[8]


  • Star Flower was named after The Blazing Star, and her eyes have the five petals reflected in them.[9]
  • When asked if Star Flower was just another victim in her father's schemes, Kate said that Star Flower was too tough to be anyone's victim, but One Eye did use her the same way he used every other cat he knew. [10]
  • Skystar will choose Star Flower over all of his mates in StarClan.[11]


Mate: Skystar

Mother: Unnamed she-cat

Father: One Eye

Siblings: Unnamed kits

Mate: Skystar

Daughters: Flower Foot and Dew Petal

Son: Tiny Branch

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