"Who knows what you're planning? ThunderClan cats are known for being sneaky."

—Starlingpaw talking to Ivypaw in the ShadowClan camp Night Whispers, page 240


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Starlingwing is a ginger tom.[1]


Starlingpaw, a young ShadowClan apprentice, is on a patrol with his mentor, Tawnypelt, and the warriors, Owlclaw and Redwillow, when the questing cats return from their long journey to find water, including his own Clanmates, Toadfoot and Tigerheart.

He is sent back to camp by Tawnypelt to tell Blackstar about their return. He seems very pleased at the questing cats' return; his tail waves in excitement as he runs off to tell Blackstar what great news he has.

When Jayfeather and Squirrelflight visit the ShadowClan camp, Starlingpaw shares a shrew with his denmate, Pinepaw. He is later seen during a battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan, fighting Ivypaw. Ivypaw beats him easily, due to her training with Hawkfrost during her dreams.

When Ivypaw of ThunderClan is captured by ShadowClan, Starlingpaw is put in charge of guarding her. He is shown to think ThunderClan cats are sneaky and that Ivypaw might be planning to attack the camp.

He tells Ivypaw to be quiet when she comments on what some of the warriors are talking about. Starlingpaw turns on her when she startles Mistkit, Dewkit, and Sparrowkit. He says that the kits have been raised with stories of how ThunderClan cats eat kits for fun and that they'll have bad dreams for days.

Starlingpaw later plays on the frozen lake with Pinepaw and Olivenose. He tells Flametail that they are playing a game they made up called Prey-stone. Starlingpaw joins a team with Pinepaw and they guard the prey-hole when Flametail and Olivenose try to get the prey into it.


In The Forgotten Warrior, Starlingpaw is now a warrior named Starlingwing. His warrior name is announced at a Gathering, along with Pinenose and Ferretclaw.

When the Dark Forest cats are attacking the ShadowClan camp, Starlingwing is seen fighting alongside Dawnpelt, slashing furiously against a river of the stinking pelts of Dark Forest cats.


When the four Clans gather for their usual Gathering, Blackstar mentions their fallen Clanmates in a tribute. Starlingwing is among the fallen, alongside many of his ShadowClan allies.

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