"I know you do care. And I know you won't let your Clanmates down. You must go on hunting and fighting and living for your Clan."

— Stormtail to Bluefur after Snowfur's death in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 357

Stormtail (2)

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Stormtail is a dark[1] blue-gray tom with blue eyes.[2]


Stormtail was first seen in Bluestar's Prophecy as a mate to Moonflower and Bluekit and Snowkit's father.

He was very awkward around his kits and Goosefeather did not approve him as a mate for his litter-mate, Moonflower. After he remarks that his kits' look better with their eyes open and he soon found an excuse to leave.

Moonflower said that he was a very important warrior and that was why he needed to eat with the leader, Pinestar. At Snowpaw and Bluepaw's apprentice ceremony, he was watching very closely and yowled for his daughters.

After the battle with WindClan, he was seen helping Dappletail and did not seem to realize that Moonflower was really dead.

At Bluefur and Snowfur's ceremony, he was yowling to StarClan, presumably telling Moonflower about the ceremony. After Bluestar reflected on the past, she remembered her father.


  • Vicky has confirmed that Stormtail and Dappletail didn't have any kits together.[3]
  • Vicky thinks that he and Swiftbreeze are littermates.[4]

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