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Sunstar is introduced as Sunfall, the deputy of ThunderClan.

After Stonepelt retires, Sunfall is Bluepaw's new mentor.

After Pinestar left to become a kittypet, Sunfall becomes Sunstar.


The first warriors he appointed were Lionheart and Goldenflower.

He makes Tawnyspots his deputy.

After Tawnyspots retires to sickness, Sunstar has two options for the new deputy: Thistleclaw or Bluefur.

He doesn't know that Bluefur gave her kits to Oakheart, so he makes her deputy, making Thistleclaw furious, same with Tigerclaw.

He is later killed by a loose dog.

His father and mother are unknown, but his brother is Featherwhisker.

When he went to the moonstone to get his nine lives but he is only given eight because Pinestar handed over his leadership when he had one life left.

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