"I sort of liked Sunstrike when I met her at Gatherings."

— Ivypool about Sunstrike in Sign of the Moon, page 129


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Sunstrike is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a large white mark on her forehead.[1]


She is only mentioned in the allegiances as Emberfoot's apprentice.


In The Fourth Apprentice, she gets her warrior name.

Sunstrike leaves the Dark Forest with Furzepaw, Tigerheart, and Breezepelt after a training session with a Dark Forest cat, Hawkfrost. Sunstrike mentions that Thistleclaw is great and how she could not believe that he came from ThunderClan.

Ivypool is shocked that Sunstrike is training there, because Ivypool thought that she had seemed nice at Gatherings. After Antpelt's death, she is seen with Furzepaw and Breezepelt. Breezepelt tells her and Furzepaw not to mention the Dark Forest and that Antpelt is still on their side, even though he has died.

Ivypool reflects on the training Hawkfrost had Redwillow, Sunstrike, and herself do the night before. The cats had been training for quite a while, and Hawkfrost did not allow any cat to leave until their claw marks were all over the others' pelts. During the Dark Forest meeting, she sits next to Breezepelt.

She is mentioned when Birchfall says that they are going to meet at the border and that she's bringing Larkpaw and Harespring along. While waiting for them to arrive, she asks her Clanmates if there are any sign of the ThunderClan cats. They approach the border, but Foxleap sounds from a slope for them to halt and is followed by a patrol.

He asks what they're doing so close to the border and she lies by saying they were checking the border. After arguing, Sunstrike bares her teeth, saying no WindClan cat crossed the border, obviously frustrated. Foxleap wants to check ThunderClan for any scent of them, but she retorts by saying there won't be any found. She then leads the other two cats through the heather to WindClan camp.

When she and Minnowtail realize what the Dark Forest is planning, they're horrified. Sunstrike states that she can't believe that she didn't know the Dark Forest was planning an attack on the Clans, and that she didn't figure it out. During the battle, she is briefly seen attacking a Dark Forest cat.

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