"WindClan has traveled a long time. It's nearly a moon since ShadowClan drove us from our home. The weather is turning colder, and leaf-bare will be here soon. We have no choice but to stay."

—Tallstar to his Clan, WindClan Fire and Ice, page 4


WindClan, Loner (formerly), Rogue (formerly)
Highest Rank
Finchkit, half-siblings are Wrenkit, Bristlekit, Rabbitkit and Flykit
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
Tallkit, Tallpaw and Talltail

Tallstar is a black-and-white tom with a very long,[1] thin,[2] black tail with a white tail-tip,[3] a white muzzle and paws,[3] short,[4] thick fur,[5] and amber eyes.[6]


Tallkit's mother was Palebird and his father Sandgorse. His sister Finchkit died soon after she was born. Shrewkit called him Wormkit because he thought he was going to be a tunneler like his parents.

He was born a white tom with black patches, yellow eyes and a very long tail and legs. He was born into the Clan known as WindClan. He always played with his fellow denmates Barkkit and Shrewkit.


Tallpaw was apprenticed to Dawnstripe, a moor runner, much to everyone's surprise. Sandgorse was outraged about this matter, and confronted Heatherstar about this during a meeting. During his first time out, he nearly fell over the gorge. Sandgorse was angered at Tallpaw's choice of lifestyle, so he began to avoid his son.

Tallpaw was very upset about this, which made him and his mentor, Dawnstripe, form a powerful bond. One day, Tallpaw had a mentoring session under in the tunnels that all moor runners are supposed to have. While Tallpaw is in the tunnel, the tunnel floods.

Tallpaw is scared out of his wits. A few sunrises later Tallpaw tells Dawnstripe that the tunnel flooded while he was in there. Dawnstripe angrily tells Heatherstar about the mishap. After Dawnstripe and Heatherstar's talk is over, tunneling is banned from those certain tunnels.

Sandgorse is very angry at Tallpaw and does not want to talk to him. A few sunrises later the visitors come by. Sandgorse took a cat into the tunnels after they were banned. The tunnel floods once again and this time Sandgorse did not escape. Tallpaw blames Sparrow for the mishap.

Afterwards Tallpaw claims to follow Sandgorse's path of being a tunneler. But it was too late for Tallpaw. Heatherstar banned tunneling for good. This is when Tallpaw started getting angry at everyone.

A few moons later Tallpaw has his warrior fighting assessment and almost rips Shrewpaw to shreds. Tallpaw is still given his warrior name, Talltail, though.


Talltail became a warrior along with Shrewclaw. He still seemed to be very angry for the death of his father, and seeked vengeance. Dawnstripe tried to make him feel better, though she was unsuccessful. Talltail informed Heatherstar about this matter of him wanting to leave.

She agrees, as when she was receiving her nines lives, Mothflight had informed her about a warrior leaving her Clan to discover where his heart truly lies. Talltail is surprised, but tells the Clan about him leaving.

Some of his anger is not only for the death of Sandgorse, but it seems for Palebird avoiding him and easily getting over Sandgorse's death. He leaves the Clan, in search for revenge.

Later, he returns, and it appears that Shrewclaw and Talltail have formed a friendship. This was shown that Shrewclaw did care for him before he left. They fight side by side in the battle with ShadowClan, Shrewclaw dies.

Talltail is very upset about his friend's death, and vows to get revenge for his and Brackenwing, Shrewclaw's mother's death.

Talltail also forms a friendly bond with Hopkit. Heatherstar allows him to mentor Hopkit, and later names him Deadpaw.


For a short time, when Talltail went on his quest for revenge, he finds a kittypet named Jake. Jake saves his life by making his housefolks take him in and save his life.


Talltail became a loner when he was searching for Sparrow, he and Jake go to search for the travelers. They encounter Jay and her Twolegplace cat gang. Red tells him that they passed by, and he thanks him, going after them. Reena is happy that Talltail came back, and he informs her about how he was now Talltail. She and Bess, her mother, are happy for him.

Talltail nearly kills Sparrow, who implores him to not kill him. Sparrow reveals the truth on how Sandgorse saved his own life, and he did not kill him. Talltail believes him, and saves the cat's life. Reena is shown to love Talltail, and for a moment, he wishes he could give her the life she wanted, but he says he must return home.


Talltail became deputy after Reedfeather. It is not shown him being a deputy, though it is said.


Tallstar became leader after Heatherstar died from greencough. He was the longest-living WindClan leader. Brokenstar had driven out his Clan, which he wanted more revenge on. Fireheart and Graystripe retrieved the Clan, which he was grateful for.

He treats Firestar as his own son, as he knows that it was his best friend, Jake's, son. Though they had their arguments, Tallstar never wanted to be enemies with ThunderClan, and wished to forever have an alliance with them.

On his last journey, he brings his Clan to the lake and dies peacefully there, announcing Onewhisker as the new deputy.















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