"Get ready, and remember, we can't make any noise as we leave the water."

—Tanglepaw Battles of the Clans, page 44

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Tanglepaw is a long-furred tom.[1]


Tanglepaw, along with Pikepaw, Duckpaw, and Rushpaw, appear in a training session with their leader, Mistystar. She teaches them battle tactics and how to use the water as a strength. When they enter the river, he calls his littermate, Rushpaw, a scaredy-mouse, when she thinks it is cold.

He swims fairly well but has to put in more effort then the others, because, as Mistystar observes, his longer fur becomes sodden and weighs him down in the water. His heavier paws give away his exit from the water. When Rushpaw splashes and yowls during the exit, Tanglepaw tells her that she is hopeless.

When Mistystar leaves them so they can practice an ambush, he leads the apprentice patrol and quickly suggests they swim farther upstream to surprise her. He quiets the other apprentices and leads the way to a place where they can leave the stream unseen. He reminds them that they cannot make any noise as they leave the water.

He spots Mistystar once he is on the bank. He is about to tell Rushpaw that she is the clumsiest cat in all the Clans ever, when Mistystar is distracted by Rushpaw's splash. Tanglepaw leads the way forward and they all jump on top of her.

He asks her triumphantly if they passed the test. He tells Mistystar he is sorry when she tells him and the other apprentices to get off of her. Tanglepaw then tells Mistystar that he saw from her shadow that she had turned around, so they could still catch her by surprise.





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