"It's time you started making an effort. I've spared you from as many border patrols and hunting parties as I can, but all you do is mope around the camp. Perhaps if you started to act more like a Clan cat, you might feel better."

—Tawnyspots to Bluefur after Snowfur's death in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 359


Highest Rank
Thrushkit, Dapplekit, foster siblings are Specklekit, Whitekit
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Tawnyspots is a light gray tabby tom with amber eyes,[1] tufted ears,[2] and pale brown spots on his belly.[3]


Tawnykit is mentioned to be born along with his siblings, Dapplekit and Thrushkit, to his mother Rainfur. Cloudberry deals with the births on her own as she doesn't want Goosefeather to have visions of the kit's futures.

During a great starvation, Cloudberry shares worms with Rainfur and her kits to eat. After Harepounce's death, Rainfur takes in Specklekit and Whitekit as her kits’ foster siblings. She suckles all five kits and she and all the kits survive despite the hunger. Rainfur brings out all the kits to watch a Warrior Ceremony.


When Bluekit and Snowkit venture out of the nursery with their mother, Moonflower, she points out Tawnyspots in a group of warriors. Bluekit decides he'd be harder to make out in a battle because of his pale gray tabby fur, but she could remember the tufts of fur that stuck up on his ears.

He is seen at Leopardpaw and Patchpaw's apprentice ceremony, sitting next to Sparrowpelt.

Tawnyspots, while sharing prey with the elders, comes up with the idea to weave thick, waxy leaves found near the ShadowClan border through the elders' den so that it won't flood and the elders won't complain. Rosepaw, Smallear, Sweetpaw, Sparrowpelt, Snowpaw, Adderfang, and Thistlepaw come with him to collect the leaves.

Later, after the battle with RiverClan over Sunningrocks, Tawnyspots boasts that he had Ottersplash in a grip so tight that she had to beg for him to let her go.


Tawnyspots is made deputy by Sunstar after Pinestar leaves the Clan to become a kittypet. He lectures Bluefur on how she's moping around camp, not doing anything, because of Snowfur's death. He then tells her that she's going to the Gathering that night. He soon falls ill, and Adderfang stands in as temporary deputy. He later is healed by Featherwhisker's treatment.

When Goosefeather talks to Bluefur, he remarks that Tawnyspots will not die yet. Tawnyspots' sickness is recurring, and grows worse as time passes. Smallear and Dappletail say that they can't even get a wink of sleep with Tawnyspots padding back and forth to go to the dirtplace.


Eventually it renders him so weak that he must step down from the position of deputy and become an elder. There are two warriors that have a good chance at succeeding him - Bluefur and Thistleclaw. He ends up being succeeded by Bluefur, much to the anger of Thistleclaw.


It is said that Tawnyspots died of his sickness, and it was a slow and painful death.

Tawnyspots does not formally appear, but is mentioned when Bluestar explains to Fireheart that Tawnyspots decided to retire, so she had to give up her kits to become deputy. If she hadn't, Thistleclaw would've taken Tawnyspots' position as deputy and drown the forest in blood.


  • It was revealed by Vicky that his mate was Willowpelt, and she bore his kit, Darkstripe.[4] However, Willowpelt was still a new apprentice when Tawnyspots began getting sick.[5]
  • The painful lump in his stomach may have been a cancerous tumor.[6]
  • He's named after the pale brown spots he had on his belly after birth.[7]
  • He has WindClan blood, because his grandfather, Eaglestorm, is a WindClan cat.




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