The First Battle
The First Battle
Author Kate Cary
Illustrator Wayne McLoughlin
Publication date 8 April 2014
ISBN 9780062063533
Publication Order
Preceded by
Thunder Rising
Followed by
The Blazing Star

The First Battle is the third book of the Dawn of the Clans series.

The Blurb

Since fleeing from Clear Sky's camp in the forest, Thunder has safely returned to settle on the moor with Gray Wing. But the rivalries that have plagued the cats for moons are growing stronger. Gray Wing still believes there is a way for both groups to live in peace, while Clear Sky insists that harsh rules and divided territories are the only hope for the future. What started as a misunderstanding between two brothers has spread far and wide—and now every mountain cat, rogue, and kittypet who settles in the forest will be forced to pick a side.