"I died a medicine cat. But before that, I was a warrior. I never hesitated to fight for what I know to be right, however hard it seemed. I give you your eighth life and, with it, the courage to trust your instincts. When your heart speaks, listen."

— Thrushpelt to Heatherstar, as she gives her one of her lives in Tallstar's Revenge, page 1

Thrushpelt (WC)

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Medicine Cat
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Thrushpelt is a stone-gray she-cat with flecks of dark brown fur.[1]


Thrushpelt is seen in StarClan, welcoming Heatherstar during her nine lives ceremony while facing her. She states that she had watched her serve her Clanmates with bravery and loyalty as their deputy, and is honored to give her a life as their leader. Heatherstar dips her head, and thanks her. Thrushpelt then goes on to explain that she died a medicine cat, but prior to that, she was a warrior. She also adds that she never hesitated to fight for what she knew to be right, however hard it seemed.

Thrushpelt then presents Heatherstar her eighth life, with the courage to trust her instincts, and tells her to listen when her heart speaks. She then leans forward, and touches her nose to Heatherstar's head, which makes the life pulse through her, and she groans through clenched jaws. Thrushpelt then steps back and glances over her shoulder, calling out to Daisytail.

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