Tigerheart's Shadow
Tigerheart's Shadow
Author Kate Cary
Publication date 5 September 2017
ISBN 9780062467720
Publication Order
Preceded by
Darkest Night
Followed by
River of Fire
Tigerheart's Shadow is the tenth book in the Super Edition series.

The Blurb

One of ShadowClan’s most loyal warriors must go on a perilous quest—one that will take him and the ThunderClan warrior, Dovewing, to the heart of a dangerous territory unlike any they have seen before.

Long one of the proudest warrior Clans, ShadowClan now faces an unprecedented period of darkness and uncertainty. Its deputy, Tigerheart, is determined to help his Clan survive. But a crossroads is fast approaching… and when their medicine cat has an ominous vision, Tigerheart discovers that the only way to save his Clan may be to leave it behind forever.


  • Kate has said that this super edition will be released next year, and that she has an idea about who it features.[1] She also stated it will be about the cats who live by the lake.[2]
    • She later confirmed that, at the moment, the super edition will be about Dovewing and Tigerheart's romance.[3]
    • Kate has confirmed that the Super Edition will be focused on Tigerheart.[4]


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