When she first was a kit, she had a life that was harsh. She had fire like fur and a tail that looked like it what bursting into flames, her litter friends were Spot and Star, they liked her much as possible. She was first born as a young Rouge with a life to enjoy.


Her life went on. She now knew her mother's name, her mom's name was "Elorna" that sounded like a Spanish-like name. Her mom was attacked by a pack of dogs, she and her litter friends ran off to find a new home, they found cats from the Wild Rouge territory and they letted Flare and her litter friends to join.

Wild Rouge

She and her brothers were now warriors that were beaten up. They where the cats of danger, they only had a life to have. Flare had joined in a battle. After that, Indian had switched to Shadowclan and was named Dustclaw, Flare wasn't as much approved and suprised.