Violet Dawn

"I won’t let anything happen to you! You’re going to be father to my kits one day. I need you."

— Violet vowing to protect Thunder in Path of Stars, page 250

Violet Dawn

ThunderClan, Rogue (formerly), Slash's Camp (formerly) and Thunder's Camp (formerly)
Highest Rank
Early Settler
No information
No information
Rain (formerly) and Thunderstar
No information
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
No information

Violet Dawn is a dark stormy[1] gray she-cat with black fur edging her paws[2] and her soft ears. She has a long, thick tail,[1] a soft muzzle,[3] and amber eyes.[4]


  • Despite appearing in Path of Stars, Violet Dawn is not listed in the allegiances.


Mates: Rain (formerly) and Thunderstar

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