"Help me! I want to go home! I want Lilyheart!"

— Violetkit begging Alderpaw to take her back to ThunderClan in The Apprentice's Quest, page 294


SkyClan, ShadowClan (formerly), ThunderClan (formerly), Rogue (formerly), The Kin (formerly)
Highest Rank
Hawkwing, Pebbleshine, foster mother in ThunderClan is Lilyheart, in ShadowClan is Pinenose
Twigkit, foster siblings in ThunderClan are Leafkit, Honeykit, Larkkit, in ShadowClan are Birchkit, Lionkit, Puddlekit, Slatekit
No information
No information
Dawnpelt, Needletail (unofficially), Rabbitleap
No information
Previous Name(s)
Violetkit, Violetpaw

Violetpaw is a glossy,[1] and short-furred[2] black-and-white she-cat[3] with amber eyes.[4]



In a shadowy tunnel, Alderpaw thinks that he can see a nest of moss, with something moving in it. He ventures forward and is shocked to discover that there are two kits. One is black-and-white, and the other is dark gray, although their pelt colors are barely visible in the dim light of the tunnel.

The kits notice that other cats are around, and start to struggle toward them. Needlepaw inquires why their mother isn’t their feeding them, and Alderpaw notes that they look very thin. Needlepaw volunteers to go look for their mother, while Alderpaw inspects the kits. He notices that they are just skin and bone, and he calls Needlepaw back to forget about their mother and find the kits some prey.

Needlepaw quickly catches the kits some food, and she and Alderpaw chew the prey into small bits so the kits can swallow it. Alderpaw and Needlepaw try to feed the dark gray kit the pulp, only to fail. After a moment they try again, with success.They feed it to the black-and-white kit, and it goes down easily with her than it did with the dark gray kit. Both kits sucked up the morsels quickly, eager to fill their bellies.

The kits cuddle up to Alderpaw and Needlepaw with bloated stomachs, warmed with the heat of their bodies. Needlepaw licks the black-and-white kit, as Alderpaw does for the gray kit. Alderpaw and Neeldepaw speculate about what could have happened to their mother, and Alderpaw says that he should bring the kits back to the Clans.

They decide to name the kits, and they name the black-and-white kit Violetkit because she smells of violets; and they name the gray kit Twigkit because she is as small as a twig. As they pick up the kits by their scruffs, Needlepaw mentions to Alderpaw that she thinks these kits are “what [they] find in the shadows”.

Alderpaw and Needlepaw are on a ridge that leads to the lake. Needlepaw stands beside him, setting Violetkit down next to Twigkit. Alderpaw awkwardly says good-bye to Needlepaw, and asks her to help him set Violetkit onto his back. Needlepaw is shocked, and says that she won’t be leaving the “shadow kits” with Alderpaw.

She makes the argument that she helped find them, and that no cat agreed they would go to ThunderClan. Alderpaw can’t believe that she thinks this, and retorts that Sandstorm was the one who told him to into that tunnel. Needlepaw snaps back that it was her idea to go into the tunnel, and that he had nothing to do with that.

They bicker back and forth about who should keep the kits; however, they come to no solution. The kits start to mewl, which brings the conversation to a pause. Alderpaw realizes that he cares more for the safety of the kits then which kit goes to which Clan. He sees that Needlepaw feels the same way. Needlepaw comes to the conclusion that the only fair solution is to give one kit to ThunderClan and one kit to ShadowClan.



Rowanstar picks Violetkit and takes her with him. Violetkit is heard calling to Twigkit until Alderpaw could not see Rowanstar anymore. Twigkit is distraught that her sister was pulled away from her, but Alderpaw assures her it will be fine.

When Needlepaw takes Alderpaw to the ShadowClan nursery to visit Violetkit, she is pawing a tendril sticking out of the wall of the den. It is noted she looks very lonely, playing by herself. Alderpaw tells her he brought a present from her sister. Violetkit is confused, and asks if he meant Lionkit. Pinenose corrects her, saying that she wasn't her sister.

Alderpaw gives her a feather, saying it was from Twigkit. Violetkit then remembers finding a red one just like it when she was living in ThunderClan. She becomes very happy and pounces on it and washes it until it was soggy. After, she floods Alderpaw with questions about her sister. After he answers a few of her questions, Pinenose calls Violetkit over for her nap.

Violetkit complains, and after the two argue for a moment, Alderpaw tells she should get some rest, and that he has to go home. Violetkit is disappointed, then asks if he will visit her soon. Alderpaw tells her he'll try, though she doesn't look like she believes him. She climbs into her nest, tail drooping.

Alderpaw sets the feather down beside her, and Violetkit wants him to tell Twigkit that she is going to be the best warrior ever. Alderpaw promises he will and him and Needlepaw leave the den.

Violetkit is uncomfortable in her nest as she thinks of Ratscar talking about her. She knows she's supposed to be sad about Littlecloud, but she can't. She prods Pinenose awake and asks her if she really belongs in ShadowClan. Violetkit longs for Pinenose to pull her close as Lilyheart used to do.

Violetkit watches Grassheart's kits sleep wondering whether they think she didn't belong too. She tries not to remember when she was taken by Rowanstar away from her sister, Twigkit, hoping it's all a dream but realizing that it is a reality. To comfort her, she pulls out the red feather her sister had given her and breaths in her sister's scent while drifting to sleep.

Violetkit wakes when Pinenose orders Puddlekit to fetch Leafpool. Grassheart is kitting. Violetkit sinks deeper into her nest and flattens her ears to block out Grassheart's wailing. Violetkit watches Leafpool work until Leafpool sends her to the apprentices' den to sleep.


Violetpaw is seen by Twigpaw during the first battle against Darktail and his rogues. The two sisters stare at each other, and it is noted that she's thinner and taller then before, with blood trickling from a scratch on one of her ears. Her eyes widen when Twigpaw asks if she's okay, but doesn't reply, and stays still for some heartbeats.

As she opens her jaws to answer, Rain and Needletail appear, and begin to convince her that Twigpaw is the enemy. Rain rests his tail on Violetpaw's shoulders and growls that the rogues are her kin now. She glances desperately at Needletail, then Rain, and jumps at Twigpaw. She outstretches her claws to slash at her sister's shoulder, and eventually pins her down, her teeth bared. When Lionblaze attacks ferociously, she retreats, and Twigpaw stares after her, her heart broken as she thinks of how Violetpaw attacked her.

Violetpaw helps remove the ticks off of Oakfur. She wrinkles her nose against the smell of the mouse bile, and when Oakfur says young cats don't know about loyalty, she responds grimly that Darktail says they aren't ShadowClan anymore, but Kin. She glances around in alarm after the elder states he's always been ShadowClan, and wonders if anybody heard him.

Ratscar mentions Snowbird's kits, and Violetpaw flinches, and thinks how she should be worrying about those kits, but instead her mind is constantly distracted by the look Twigpaw gave her when she attacked her. Violetpaw explains how Dawnpelt told her to help the elders when Needletail asks what she's doing, and she drops the twig with the mouse-bile. She apologizes to Oakfur and Ratscar, and follows Needletail from the den and over to the prey pile.

Violetpaw takes a plump vole, and Thistle bounds up to her and tells her to give it over, and she is about to, when Needletail tells him off angrily. She worries about Twigpaw, and Needletail asks what's wrong, and Violetpaw quietly asks if she crippled her sister.









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