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Wavepaw is a silver-and-white she-cat with green eyes and a long tail.[1]


She, Breezepaw, and Nightpaw stand beside Twigpaw with wide eyes as she explains that it's her first Gathering. Honeypaw sniffs that she's been to too many Gatherings, and Cypresspaw shifts closer to Wavepaw as she says she didn't realise how many cats would be there. Fernpaw and Brindlepaw join the group of apprentices, with Fernpaw asking Wavepaw if she is new, and Wavepaw nods.

Honeypaw cuts across Twigpaw's thoughts, explaining that Wavepaw says RiverClan kits learn how to swim before they're apprenticed. Brindlepaw snorts and claims they would drown, and Wavepaw snorts in amusement as she states that RiverClan cats are born to swim. Honeypaw blinks and says she'd never even stood in a river, to which Wavepaw shrugs that rivers are fun and fish is delicious. She and Cypresspaw offer to teach Honeypaw to swim and they glance at the lake glittering behind the trees and manage to convince Honeypaw to follow them. Soon after, Mistystar announces Wavepaw and Cypresspaw as new apprentices to the other Clans.


  • Wavepaw is called both male and female in the same chapter.[2]
    • Kate Cary clarified that Wavepaw is indeed a she-cat.[3]
  • Wavepaw is named after the BlogClan member, Wavepaw.[4]
  • She is mistakenly said to have three siblings in The Apprentice's Quest, not one.[5]


Mother: Lakeheart

Father: Lizardtail

Sister: Cypresspaw

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