"That's right! You always think you're better than us, just because we once needed your help before the Clans came to the lake."

— Whiskernose to a ThunderClan patrol in The Forgotten Warrior, page 308


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Whiskernose is a light brown tom.[1]


He is only ever mentioned in the allegiances as Owlwhisker's apprentice.


In Sign of the Moon, He is announced to have received his warrior name, Whiskernose, at the Gathering. He is seen ducking his head as WindClan cats call his name, looking both pleased and embarrassed by his Clanmates' praise. Dovewing notices that not many cats from other Clans are welcoming the new warrior, and wonders what's happening to the Clans; Gatherings should be a time for Clans to be at peace with one another.

Whiskernose is part of the WindClan patrol in the battle in the tunnels, along with Breezepelt, Weaselfur, Harespring, Heathertail, and Furzepelt. When Heathertail accuses Jayfeather of murdering Flametail and ThunderClan of crossing WindClan boundaries and stealing prey, Whiskernose adds that ThunderClan cats always thinks their Clan is better than WindClan's, just because WindClan once needed ThunderClan's help before the Clans came to the lake.

Sandstorm retorts that he wasn't even kitted at the time. Dovewing is shocked by the hostility directed at the ThunderClan cats from the young warriors, and she knows it's unfair; they can't defend themselves, because the WindClan patrol won't listen.


In Bramblestar's Storm, he retires to the elders' den.

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