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"I am no medicine cat; I cannot read the stars like Yellowfang or Cinderpelt, but I have always been willing to trust our warrior ancestors, wherever they might lead our Clan."

—Whitestorm to Fireheart Rising Storm, page 163


Highest Rank
Deputy of ThunderClan
Snowfur (mother), Thistleclaw (father)
No information
Previous Name(s)
Whitekit and Whitepaw
Known for
Thistleclaw and Snowfur's son

Whitestorm is A snowy-white tom with yellow eyes and tufted ears.


Whitekit was born in ThunderClan. He had no littermates, but was born a single kit to Snowfur and Thistleclaw. He took after his mother more than his father. He was born around the same time as Tigerkit, who was a little older then him.

Whitestorm became friends with Tigerkit. Snowfur was killed by a Twoleg monster on the Thunderpath, so Robinwing cared for him as a kit. He grew very close to his aunt, Bluefur. She wanted to mentor him, but Sunstar said that he shouldn't be trained by his own kin.


Whitepaw became Patchpelt's apprentice instead. He got a scar behind his ear from a training fight with Tigerpaw. Not much is mentioned about his training. Whitepaw soon became a warrior.


Whitestorm was already an experienced, senior warrior when Rusty joined ThunderClan. One night, sometime after Bluefur became leader, he when out for a walk with his aunt, Bluestar. They saw a young ginger tom in the forest which turn out to be Rusty. Bluestar decided to invite the young tom to join ThunderClan. No one really knows if Whitestorm has an apprentice before Sandpaw.

After Redtail died, Lionheart took over as deputy but he died in battle against ShadowClan and so Tigerclaw took his place since he was an experienced warrior. Whitestorm was one of the oldest warriors in the Clan just under Goldenflower, Mousefur, Frostfur and Brindleface who soon all became queens, except Mousefur.

Tigerclaw was banished from the clan after he tried to kill Bluestar. Whitestorm was the oldest of the warriors and everyone thought he would be deputy but Bluestar chose Fireheart. Whitestorm didn't care about being deputy or leader so he was perfectly happy with Bluestar's choice.

He mated with Willowpelt who gave birth to Sorrelkit, Sootkit and Rainkit. Whitestorm often helped Fireheart when he was deputy and formed the patrols.


When Fireheart became leader, he made Whitestorm his first deputy. Whitestorm often gave Firestar advice and even stuck up for Mistyfoot, Featherpaw and Stormpaw when they escaped from TigerClan. Whitestorm was worried about fighting BloodClan voicing everyones' hidden fears.

Firestar always cared for his opinion in situations but Whitestorm followed Firestar into battled with the rest of the Clan. Whitestorm fought bravely beside his clanmates aganist BloodClan before he was killed by Bone. Before he died he requested Graystripe take his place and so Firestar made Graystripe deputy after him. All of the apprentices leaped on top of and killed Bone to avenge Whitestorm's death.


When Firestar lost his first life, he saw that Whitestorm had joined StarClan. Whitestorm was very happy to be joined by his former clan mates. Later, during The Last Hope, Whitestorm fights in the battle against The Dark Forest.


Mother: Snowfur

Father: Thistleclaw

Mates: Willowpelt, Brindleface

Daughter: Sorreltail, Ferncloud

Sons: Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Ashfur


  • Oakheart commented that Whitestorm's grandfather, Windflight, was half-WindClan, so Whitestorm has WindClan blood in him.
  • Whitestorm resembled his mother both in appearance and personality, instead of taking after his father, Thistleclaw.
  • Whitestorm also mentored Brightheart, but this is somewhat overlooked, since she was hurt by the pack of dogs. When she was hurt all cats thought she would never be able to fight again,then Cloudtail helped her to find battle strategies to fight again.
  • Whitestorm was born as his parents' only kit. Brightheart may have named her single daughter, Whitewing, after him, who was also the only kit in her litter.
  • Whitestorm's three sons died before having kits, so Whitestorm's bloodline was carried on by his only daughter, Sorreltail and Ferncloud.





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