"I didn't really think about it. It just sort of happened, and then I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Being a medicine cat is great!"

—Willowpaw to Hollykit in The Sight, pages 76-77

Mothwing and Willowshine

Highest Rank
Medicine Cat
Half-sister is Dawnkit
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Previous Name(s)
Willowkit, Willowpaw

Willowshine is a soft-furred,[1] dark gray[2] tabby[3] she-cat[2] with bright green eyes.[3]


Willowkit makes her first, but very brief appearance when Leafpaw is asked by Squirrelpaw to check Dawnflower's kits, after the Clans have crossed a Thunderpath on their way to their new territory. Willowkit squeals that the monster would have never caught them and Dawnflower replies by telling Willowkit to be quiet.

Mothwing's eyes are full of affection when Willowkit comes to her aid in the medicine cat den. She helps Mothwing when many cats are infected by a strange toxic liquid left behind by Twolegs, showing keen interest and skill in the duties of a medicine cat. When Beechpaw is choking on a clump of chewed-up yarrow, Mothwing is unable to retrieve the yarrow out of his mouth, so Willowkit sticks her tiny paw into his throat, and pulls it out. She's praised for her good work that day. She asks Mothwing if this is what being a medicine cat is like, saying it is the best feeling ever, and that she can't think of any other way to live her life. Later, Leafpool tells her to go back to the nursery and tell her mother, Mosspelt, how well she did. While doing so, Leafpool tells Willowkit that she'll make sure Beechpaw knows that the kit saved his life, later. Mothwing mentions to Leafpool that Willowkit is always helping out in the medicine den, and that she would take Willowkit an apprentice as soon as she is old enough. Willowkit also confirms that Beechpaw is doing fine.

Medicine Cat

Willowshine becomes a medicine cat apprentice to Mothwing. She first saved the life of Beechpaw by pulling out a leaf which got stuck down his windpipe.

After that, she was taking on as Mothwing's apprentice. But when she found out Mothwing didn't believe in StarClan, Leafpool, the medicine cat of ThunderClan, started teaching Willowshine in her dreams about StarClan. After this, she is the medicine cat of RiverClan.







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